Who Is The Hottest Brazilian Of 2009?


If this is the first year you have been following Made In Brazil, this may be new to you, but if you are a veteran you are used to it by now. Every December I ask you to vote on who you thought was the hottest Brazilian of the year from a list of six to ten boys who were featured here on a regular basis and had the most media impact throughout the year.

It is time to figure out this year's group of nominees, so please take your time and let me know who you would like to nominate on the comments section of this post, or via email.  The online poll with the final nominees will be up next week. I guess it is pretty clear from the pictures above who some of my picks are.


Renato all the way!

Marlon Teixeira, for sure! It's definitely his year.. and he's delish!

Renato Ferreira by a mile, please (sorry, Carlos)!

the kid from Recife!!

I nominate the two actors from Do Começo ao Fim. The movie might have lacked a plot, but those sex scenes are going to fuel my fantasies for a whole year!

Arthur Sales, the most beautiful boy on the planet. He is a dream!

My top 5 favourites this year:

Mateus Verdelho
Thiago Alves
Pedro Andrade
Bernardo Velasco
Rafael Leite


Marlon Teixeira is getting all my votes!

Jean Carlos.

just look at him, between boy and man, between harsh and soft.

HOTTEST Mateus Verdelho.

PRETTIEST Arthur Sales.

Cadê o Miro? Bricadeira rs

Renato has to be the hottest 2009 but Carlos Freire has to be the hottest of all time...

raphael or renato!!!
love them both!

Marlon Teixeira is well on the way to being the next Brazilian male supermodel. My vote goes to him!

A mon avis the winner has to be either Arthur or Marlon...

ARTHUS SALES! the most perfect boy on EARTH.

Um, for us uninitiated, are the choices the guys in the pix above?
Do we get names? Sorry if I do not already know all of them, but I'd like to.

why r they always so damn hot wow

Carlos Freire without question (Did you see his shoot with Rick Day...D..D..D...Damn! ) If jesus Luz wins then I shall have lost my faith in the integrity of this site (which I LOVE minus the posts about Madge's bitch)

Carlos Freire all the way!!

Pois eu to apaixonado pelo cara do Manhattan Connection!
O Pedro Andrade.
Lindo, gostoso, inteligente, sempre bem vestido e maduro.
Meu voto vai pra ele!

Concordo com vc Marcel! Tbm acho o Pedro TUDO DE BOM!

TEAM Arthur

From a professional point of view, work wise -
1) Marlon 2) Arthur
From a personal point of view -
Jean Carlos

It's a toss up between Bernardo Velasco and Renato Ferreira. But I'll vote for Renato Ferreira.

Carlos Freire!! A more beautiful specimen of manhood I cannot think of! Runner up would be Reanto Fereira.

i vote renato fereira and arthur sales!!!

renato ferriera and edmilson !!

Edilson Nascimento, the most beautiful man in the world!


Jean Carlos!

Carlos Freire, without a doubt!

Number one: Renato Ferreira, of course.

Marlon all the way!

The hottest ever is Mateus Verdelho and his smokin' gun! :)

Mateus Verdelho

Renato Ferreira For Sure!!!

Without a doubt... Renato!

marlon marlon marlon marlon marlon marlon marlon

Duda Nagel!!!!!
or the Lobo


Marlon beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Marlon Teixeira.

Renato gets my vote

Renato the only one!

Eu escolhia o JONATAS FARO.
Mas acho que o Arthur Sales tem mais chance.

> Jonatas Faro e ARTHUR SALES!

But I also like Jean Carlos, Marlon Teixeira and Mateus Verdelho.

Renato! Renato! Renato!!

Marlon Teixeira .. sempre !! ele arrasa !!

Edilson Nascimento by a long way, followed closely by Carlos Freire. Edilson did a shoot for DNA magazine last year that is a classic..... my boyfriend is Brazilian - sorte!

Marlon Teixeira

Arthur Sales
Mateus Verdelho - love his tattoos!

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