The Hottest Brazilian Of 2009 Is Mateus Verdelho


I thought Marlon Teixeira or Arthur Sales would definitely win this year, but I guess I was wrong. Model Mateus Verdelho takes the title of hottest Brazilian of 2009 with 23% of all your votes. I actually worked with Mateus a couple of weeks ago, and I am sure that you will be seeing a lot more of him in 2010.

Carlos Freire came in second this year with 19% of the votes, and newcomer Renato Ferreira came in third with 18% of the votes.


Career wise what has he been in? Marlon, Arthur & Jean C are the only three who have broken into the realms of 'High Fashion' & are doing well. Though there's a huge disconnect between your average person reading a blog & high fashion so I shouldn't really be surprised.

Mateus is more beefy, more masculine than Arthur Salles. I have to agree that he is sexier in that sense.

But in my opinion, there is nothing more attractive than a 18 to 24 year-old lean young man. Arthur salles is cuter and has a classical, immaculate beauty. He is perfect. He is the beauty I will always strive to find.

nothing against mateus, but arthur is still my winner.

He's gorgeous. Sex on a stick.

By the way, LOVE the second picture; which runway show is it from ?

Fair enough!
I'm mean he's the hottest one. Actually I picked him, but I'd pick Marlon too.
Such a hard choice!

i think Arthur its a lovely model because he is lean and clean if the poll was best Brazilian model maybe he would have won, but the poll was hottest Brazilian and Mateus totally appeals he is beefy and different and gives that bad boy look whit all that ink, sure its not classical but its different. I voted for Mateus not because i was thinking of his modeling work or if he could pull the "high fashion" look i voted because his a hot piece of ASS!

I'm surprised as well as disappointed. What can one say? "Oh, well!"

he is definitely sexy...just look at those tattoos!!! i voted for arthur sales...but arthur still has time...he is young...arthur will be one of the most important models from brazil!!!

Well, to each his own, I guess.

he's rather beefy but hot, i admit. but my vote goes to jean c. i like my boys a bit on the skinny side.

Acho justo. :)

I think it's goofy that all the models in the original contest look Western European and I am almost certain that none of them would be considered black by the new quota system.

He's really hot, but he's also the product of a system that disproportiately favours white beauty and whiteness being considered normal.

But, let me re-iterate: he's really hot.

If that's the hottest in Brazil I'm a jelly doughnut.

The question was simply who is the "hottest"? Mateus with his handsome face, smooth yet hunky body, and liberal ink is the epitome of tasteful badass, and that smokin' hot gun puts him over the top!

YEH! I'll say..............FREAKIN HOTT!!!!!!!!!!!

amazing body, but i found him the least attractive of the whole bunch, and echos Aubrey sentiments on all the Western European looking men.

What designer is he walking down the runway for? Love the undies, hair and tattoos!

very cute but all those tattoos . . . UGH !

Realmente um homem maravilhoso,sensual ..seus ensaios sensuais são belíssimos,o primeiro mostra a sensualidade de um jovem e o ultimo o sex appeal de um homem..pessoalmente ele me desperta a atenaõnaõ só por ser bonito mas muito sexy...nota 1000 pra ele..

I love VINTAGE!!! :-))


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