Singer Claudia Leitte Can Make Her Own Balmain Dress


Singer Claudia Leitte was certainly paying attention to the European shows this season: she showed up at a concert in Bahia on Saturday night wearing her very own custom-made knockoff of Balmain's look #2. After copying basically every single outfit Beyoncé has worn on stage in the past, I should have seen it coming. And the best part of it all is that she could probably actually afford to have Christophe Decarnin design her costumes if she really wanted to.

I already can't wait to see what she is going wear next. One can only hope she would show up in this Rodarte number for Carnival.


... I feel sorry for her. So homophobic, so tasteless. Poor girl..

I am Brazilian, this singer is famous for copying other singers, she is totally lacking in creativity!

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