Right Now Jesus Is Posing For An Underwear Campaign



Model-turned Madonna's boyfriend-turned DJ-turned model again Jesus Luz is now posing for the new ad campaign for Brazilian underwear label Mash. The label has been posting pictures live from the shoot on Twitpic.


Did he tattoo his name on his back in case he forgot it?

I honestly believe that everythig about this Jesus guy is already said...But I don't understand how some people can campare him with Baptiste Giabiconi ... Cause it is diferent to be Lagerfeld's muse to be Madonna's flavor of the moment

I think my makeup needs a little touch up.

Could someone please send that young man in the blue polo over to my place?

^ this!

the makeup-guy looks gorgeous :D

The make-up guy is very attractive, yes.

wow... looks like working on Madonna gets you some good gigs. Jesus makes the love to his Madonna... Religious nuts must be going crazy over that one...

The make-up guy really is hot. I thought it was the model Arthur Kulkov. Anyone know his name? Maybe he should be doing the campaign.

Jesus is a nice boy and I hope life is kind to him, but he simply does not work as a model. Even Baptiste, mediocre as he is and amateurish as his campaigns appear, is better. But I like him and wish him well just like Jesus.

After seeing these pics-- I DO NOT think he is as HOT as I've previously thought! Perhaps his eyes and pouty lips are those features that he possess that I can highly admire. I DO NOT like these pics at all; he does NOT look as alluring or as enticing as I'd previously thought!

I don't like Jesus Luz... there was so long a brazilian "Jesus" model whom was diferent. I saw some tubes about this guy in many video websites; he speaks several languages and haves a political view very large and inteligent, if i'm not wrong he has even met the former U.S. vice-president Al Gore for discussions about the global warming on October 2006. I prefer this one, Jesus Copyright than jesus Luz, whom just got known becoz of Madonna.

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