Note To Singer Claudia Leitte


I totally get your obsession with Beyoncé, her tour costumes, and all the fans blowing across her stage. What I don't get is the fact that you are making a sh*t load of money with sold out concerts (your even have your own cruise now), and you don't have the decency to call a stylist who will not let you walk on stage wearing knockoffs which seem to have been sewn by a fashion design student on his first semester. Those shoulders and sleeves on that white jacket you worn this past weekend give a whole new meaning to poor construction, and I am not even going to comment on the scarcity of Swarovski crystals adorning your leotard. Don't be cheap. Would Beyoncé ever step on stage in an outfit with 24 crystals on it? No! She would never show up in something that hasn't been bedazzled to the point that it may blind someone in the audience. And please, please, please, if you like Balmain, call the store in Paris, give them your credit card number, and have them send you some real dresses. You can afford it. We know it.


It's called greed, sweetie. Make the most and spend the least. It's not like her fans know what she's wearing anyway. Or care about it.

Pic 1: major paquitas flashback. Medo.

But I have to disagree with you on this one J. I think that if she is going to be tacky and cheap wearing knock offs, she might as well go all the way and save herself some money. If she had enough class and good sense to wear real Balmians. She would have her own styling/production team, be original on her choice of attire, and most importantly, wouldn't be Claudia Leite. lol

On a second thought though, the saddest part of it all is that in fact she probably does have a production/styling team :S

Trashy, very very ugly.

Gente, a mulher é baranga! Acho que o figurino combina muito com ela. Uma roupa elaborada ficaria totalmente fora de contexto.

you said it all, love it...

That's more like Britney's ringleader outfit with the studded bra and corset underneath.

Querido, ela cantou músicas da Xuxa nesse show, por isso o figurino(o link do Ego postado explica tudo). Ela não podia fazer uma homenagem à Xuxa vestida modernamente como a LadyGaga.

Eu odeio essa mulher, só pra constar! Mas não há nada de errado com o figurino dela (não se pensarmos que ela estava cantando Xuxa nesse show)

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