Made In Brazil Podcast #27: The Best Of 2009

I put together a podcast with some of my favorite songs of 2009 to share with you. They are not necessarily the best songs of the year, but they are certainly songs which will remind me of 2009 when I listen to them again in a few years. 

DOWNLOAD: Made In Brazil Podcast #27

I posted over 20 podcasts throughout the year, and I hope to post even more in 2010, especially in terms of Brazilian music. I have already contacted a few DJs about putting together sets of exclusively Brazilian music, but if you have DJs to recommend, please let me know on the comments section or by email. And just in case you are wondering, podcast #19 is my favorite of the year.

All previous podcasts and track lists are available for download on iTunes.


You could give Mr Luz some tutorials (provided he's teachable)

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