Made In Brazil Is Giving Away Tickets To New Year's Parties In Rio


Going to Rio for new year's? The guys at The Week were kind enough to give me 5 passports to all their new year's parties to give away here on Made In Brazil. Here is how you can score one (and this time it is not going to be as easy as sending me an email).

Are you familiar with the pictures of the models with a Made In Brazil sign? I have decided to give away the passports to the readers who email me the funniest or more creative pictures of themselves holding a Made In Brazil sign. I know I am going to make you work hard for it, but I figured it would be fun. And just so you know, collages, drawings, and group shots are okay too, especially if you are going to Rio with friends (and by group I mean no more than 5 people in the picture since I only have 5 passports). All pictures received until Saturday night, December 19, will be eligible to win. You can be Brazilian or foreigner to enter. All you will need to receive your passport to the parties is your name and passport number.

To win a passport, email your picture (or whatever else you come up with) to [email protected] with "The Week Giveaway" on the subject.  The winners will be announced next week, and there is a chance I will be posting the pictures.

Instructions in Portuguese after the jump.

Estamos sorteando 5 passaportes para as festas de final de ano na The Week Rio. Quer ganhar um? Basta mandar pro blog uma foto sua tosca com um cartazinho improvisado escrito Made In Brazil (exemplos aqui). O leitor que enviar a foto mais engracada, original, sexy, ou criativa leva um dos passaportes para todas as festas de reveillon da The Week. Vale tudo, até mesmo fotos em grupo, desde que o grupo não seja obviamente mais do que 5 pessoas.

Para concorrer, você precisa enviar sua foto para [email protected] até a noite de sábado, 19 de dezembro. Os ganhadores serão anunciados na semana que vem, e vale lembrar que existe a chance de eu acabar postando a foto no blog também.


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