In Need Of A Serious Explanation


Saw the latest issues of Junior and Aimé at the airport this morning, and was a bit shocked to find out that both magazines feature the same model on the cover. Can someone please explain to me how a totally unknown 27-year-old fitness model named Lucas Goes ends up on the cover of two Brazilian gay magazines at exactly the same time? And to make matters worse, the pictures on both covers are basically identical. I am surprised no one has brought this up yet.


Explanation: Ctrl+C Ctrl+V = @boring magazines

The other cover, with the actors, was so much better. Now Junior Mag will regret this decision.

Conta pra gente quando vc descobrir o motivo razao e circunstancia dessa "coincidencia"?


i prefer the aimé ......cover !!!!!!!!!!

Who cares.... he's hot


Ctrl+C Ctrl+V =

Junior or Aimé ?

Too much of a good thing, I guess.

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