The Faces At Galeria Mezanino



Now that I am basically living in São Paulo for some odd reason I am almost never in Jardins, but since I was there yesterday in the afternoon, I decided to finally check out The Faces exhibit which opened earlier this month at Galeria Mezanino. It features some brilliant portraits by photographers such as Vavá Ribeiro, Cristiano Madureira, Debby Gram, Rogério Cavalcanti, Guto Seixas, and many others.

The gallery is located behind the Alexandre Herchcovitch store on Haddock Lobo, and I highly recommend that you stop by if you are in São Paulo anytime soon. While you are there, make sure to ask to see the pictures by Cristiano Madureira and Vavá Ribeiro which are not on display because there are some really stunning images there (in my humble opinion, probably one of the best gifts you can take to someone after a trip to São Paulo).


tks a lot! come again! dec 8 we'll open 2 new expositions!

If you're not in Jardins, then where the heck are you? rsrs

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