Smile For The Paparazzi


Madonna finally made the national paparazzi happy last night by giving them a smile after dinner at Japanese restaurant Yumê. The paparazzi applauded in return. Madonna apparently followed my advice and had the restaurant closed so that she could have a private dinner with her entourage, Jesus, and his mother.

If it seems like Madonna spent all day locked at the Fasano yesterday, it's because she did. But it was for a very good reason. Madonna received a visit from 35 kids from project Energia Olímpica, selected to be the first focus of Success For Kids in Rio. According to columnist Bruno Astuto at O Dia, Madonna spent the afternoon playing with the kids, and gave them a lecture followed by burgers and fries.

Madonna's meeting with the first lady today was canceled, but she is still scheduled to have dinner with billionaire Eike Batista and 20 guests at Batista's home in Rio. Also according to Bruno Astuto, Eike Batista is supposed to donate R$10 million to Success For Kids in Brazil. Meanwhile, Rabbi Michael Berg is giving a lecture tonight at the São Paulo Kabbalah Center in Jardins. I highly doubt that Madonna will be coming along given her dinner plans.

Update: just read on twitter that Madonna left her hotel in Rio and is on her way to the airport.

Watch a video of Madonna leaving the restaurant last night after the jump.

And since we are on the Madonna topic, Papel Pop has an exclusive picture of Jesus as a kid in school.


omg i live a few blocks from the Kabbalah Center here. Any idea what time?

I hear it's at 8 pm.

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