Madonna And Jesus Go For Dinner At Sushi Leblon




Madonna, I have a little something to tell you: you are freaking MADONNA. If the mayor of Rio can shut down a few streets to make your stay more comfortable, I am pretty sure you could have called Sushi Leblon and have them kick everyone out so that you and Jesus could have a few rolls together in peace. However, I must say I am thrilled that you didn't. I mean, look at the expression on the faces of the people at Sushi Leblon last night. It's as if they just saw a ghost. Priceless. Now here is to hoping Madonna ordered the salmon crunch and that little roll with quail egg on top, two of my very favorite things at Sushi Leblon.

According to Bruno Astuto at newspaper O Dia, Madonna is in the country to promote Success For Kids, an organization formerly known as Spirituality For Kids, created by Karen Berg, the wife of Rabbi Michael Berg. She is flying to São Paulo with the Rabbi on Thursday, where she will meet with the first lady Marisa Leticia, and attend Berg's lecture at São Paulo's Kabbalah Center in Jardins. She will be returning to Rio on Thursday night (damn) to have dinner with the governor Sergio Cabral and the mayor Eduardo Paes at the residence of billionaire Eike Batista. She is scheduled to fly back to New York on Saturday.

Want to see her tonight? Then try getting a table at Fasano's Al Mare. According to Bruno, that is where she will be having dinner.

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Her face, his face, their faces..... Truly priceless.
Imagina o babado, barulho e confusao que foi aquilo.

What's REALLY funny is that the people in the restaurant aren't even THAT impressed... they're just looking at her... like they would be looking at anyone else who's well known.
Again, exaggeration on this page over anything related to Madonna.

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