In The Locker Room


The new Erotica-themed issue of ffw Mag! is not just good, it is my favorite issue of a Brazilian fashion magazine published this year. By far.

It took me a while, but I finally found some time this afternoon to scan the editorials to share with you guys. Since the story with Ana Claudia Michels is the first one featured in the issue, I figured it should be the first one I post here. View more scans after the jump.





Now THAT is how you shoot a lingerie story.

Try to get a copy of the magazine on newsstands in New York or Paris because some of the pictures in this issue are truly genius. More scans and a video coming next week.

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Loved the spread. On the first photo, they are about to have an orgy, right?

A guy's hand in his own underwear. Can't go wrong with a photo like that!

This spread reminds me of a movie called "Grande Ecole". This french movie has a very, very long homoerotic scene in the locker room of a water polo team. The movie has a gay theme, and I do recommend it!

Where can we get it, Lucius?

This is such a cool shoot, when I saw the heading, 'Locker Room' I immediately thought of all the male/gay cliches that go along with the scene, but this changes that nicely.

Very cool work. Nice photography.

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