It's A Long Way Down From L'Officiel Hommes To This


Just saw that magazine on a newsstand at the mall this afternoon. I guess Miro just kissed his modeling career goodbye. Big time. There is a reason why guys like Evandro and André are still at the top of their game: they just don't do stupid s*** like that.

Sorry that I didn't actually spend the R$6,90 on the magazine to scan the pictures of him working out to share with you guys. I can assure you though that they are tackier than the cover.


aw i really loved miro-still do a bit

but miss the good old days before the farm such as terra's the boy, DOM and D&G.

I thought it was kind of weird when he went to that reality show. But now it is clear that he completely changed the focus of his career.

I wonder who he takes advice from.... Who is his manager/agent.

Why you would compare Miro with Evandro and Andre is beyond me. The former lacks the innate and timeless elegance of the latter.

That may all be true, but I bet that cover is going to sell a lot more issues for MUSCLE IN FORM magazine than they usually do.

I think he'll be ok. One career slip up is allowed. especially when you're as beautiful as he is. but then again...why would he do this? He can't be in desperate need for money. I mean...isn't he one of the most famous guys in Brazil right now???

Uh ... His Brazilian agent should be blamed before anyone else! The European markets & the NY market won't see it ... He just doesn't put it in his book [obviously!] & they'll be non the wiser ... He's established enough that he can [just] get away with it ...

Men's Health would have been totally fine, but Muscle In Form? Not even the title of the magazine makes sense.

After his interview on a national news' site last month, I basically lost any respect I had for him.

Usually guys do this at the beginning of their careers or if they WANT to focus strictly on fitness modeling (often height restricts other possibilities). Seems an odd move.
Then, again, no one would be interested in Evandro's workouts. It's basically genetics in his case.

The minute I saw him in that A Fazenda thing, I was like, "So he doesn't have any better projects to do?" This cover answers it all.

And Stephen, I moved out of Brazil two months ago. I didn't think he was THAT famous there while I was there.

A boy needs to eat

Ohhh.. c'mon I think Miro is big enough, i don't think it's the best thing he could do. But he got to work a lill bit harder to step up his game, i don't know why he didn't do something with Armani, i'm sure he would got some thing there. :/ But still i Love MIRO .. and to me he's even better than Evandro and André i wouldn't compare him with them. But Miro don't do that mistake again ... please.

Now thats a bit too harsh. Age is comming and he went from top model to tv sub-celebrity. Its normal to do this type of cover in this position.

Why is this so bad? He's a model. Models model. Any guy who can land the cover shot of a magazine is doing OK. L'Officiel Hommes is not the be-and-end-all, regardless of what you say. There are millions of men who work out and seeing a man with such a fit body not only can inspire them, but it is very pleasant to look at. You only show yourself (as do others here who are critical of Miro) to be elitist snobs by claiming that Miro has "tanked" his career by posing for this mag's cover shot. It's called work and if you're a model, what you want is to model. I think you have missed the boat on this one.

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