I Am Already Regreting That Slice Of Cake I Just Ate


Hot-new-Brazilian-actor-I-should-be-stalking alert: Diego Cristo from the soap Caras & Bocas (which I clearly have never watched but now have a reason to), photographed for this month's issue of Nova, the national equivalent to Cosmo.


What a manly man. he has such a beautiful chest.

Well dear Mr.Made in Brazil you shouldn't regret eating carbs,carbs even cake are not the enemy is just how do often and how do you combine them. I'm sure that Diego Cristo eats carbs too

Where has he come from? I've never heard of him ... More info please!

Everything in moderation. Except sex with Diego!

um ... perfect!

I like his name..Diego Cristo..and the way he wears those jeans.More please;)

There is a man! I look at his chest and start laughing about all the men who have had the hair on their body's removed permanently. The tide is turning.

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