Claudia Leitte, Beyoncé Called And Asked For Her Act Back

But please don't return it. I confess I am not a sucker for music from Bahia, but I am really digging singer Claudia Leitte these days, and I am freaking loving the fact that her entire act is totally Sasha Fierce. I know some people got on her case last year because she said she didn't want her recently born son to be gay, but just pay attention to the way she dressed her back up dancers for this Sundays's performance in São Paulo, and it will be pretty easy to tell that this is a singer who is clearly thinking about pleasing her gay audience.


And she even sings Somewhere Over The Rainbow in her show. Watch it after the jump.

Please keep it up Claudia, and do try to include a shower scene with the dancers on your next show. If it worked for Kylie, it will certainly work for you too.


O inglês tá ótimo, é Yágizi?
Faltaram os sapatinhos da apresentação do Erasure.

inglês tá ótimo, é Yágizi? [2]

She doesn't need to copy Kylie, she ALREADY DID. The shower scene is in her first dvd (as single singer), in copacabana beach:

The outfits are ok, but when it comes to pleasing her gay audience using backup dancers, she has a long way to go... These boys are so ugly!

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