Who Cares If He Gets An Allowance?


$10,000 monthly allowance or not, Jesus Luz seems to be having the time of his life, and has been recently posting several pictures of his DJ gigs on twitter to prove it.

In spite of rumors that he has been spinning to a prerecorded mix, DJ Jesus is still packing clubs in Brazil. He will be shaking his ass on stage in Recife and Salvador this weekend, and headlining the Mixtureba party at gay nightclub Blue Space in Brasília on October 24.


Is Brazil lacking proper D.J's? In my country someone who has been D.J'ing for a matter of months would be laughed off stage. In fact, they wouldn't even have an audience to begin with & likely wouldn't be booked with suck little experience - even in the crap venues!

I can't even understand how he's getting huge crowds .. Is Brazil lacking actual celebrities? Do people really care that much about a young guy who's dating an aging pop star? It's perplexing!

Marco, it would seem you are forgetting one thing. Possibly he might have some real talent as a DJ???

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