Too Hot For Monday: Renato Ferreira By Greg Vaughan


As promised yesterday, here are more exclusive pictures of Brazilian newcomer Renato Ferreira shot by Greg Vaughan. Warning: possibly way too hot for work.






All pictures courtesy of Greg Vaughan. Please limit image usage on any other site to one to two images. Images must be accompanied by a working link and photographer credit.

Renato is represented by Major Model Management in New York.


Someone please make a statue of this boy, right away?

This guy is wonderful.Stunning Proportioned Body and pure face.He deserves the best.Renato,what a sensual boy.

Is he for real? I am breathless.

not too hot if for work if you work out of home ;) thanks thanks thanks!!!

He has too much beef for my taste, but I have to admit he is evolving. Also, now he is taking pictures with better photographers, and the improvement is clear...very clear.

A wet T-shirt never looked so good!

Are serious?! you have to make a new post for these pics called " THIS HAS TO BE ILEGAL" !!!

Oh they're wonderful - he's absolutely beautiful

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