Covered In Tats

Rafão, one of the hot contestants in the Brazilian Survivor spin-off No Limite, posed in his underwear with fellow contestant and current gf Jéssica for Globo's website Paparazzo. Since the resulting spread is too tacky even for my standards, I figured I was better off just posting a behind-the-scenes picture of Rafão at the shoot.


View the spread with Rafão and his gf at Paparazzo. Warning: you may feel like you are watching a bad late night soft porn movie.


Ugh ... I'm so glad my Parents left Brazil when I was a kid, it's meant that my body isn't covered in hideous tattoos! Seriously, what is it with awful tattoos? It seems you either have NO tattoos or are covered in numerous tasteless tattoos ... I know it's a personal thing but C'mon! I can only assume alcohol was involved.

Srsly, Andrea?

You're better of in wherever you are... just stay there.
(ugly tatoos btw)

They should have filmed it with her wearing the espadrilles, then again with 7 inch spikes with platforms! Two for the price of one!

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