I Guess I Would Also Get Naked For Mario




If there is one thing Mario de Testino is really good at is getting Brazilians to take their clothes off, and there is no better proof of that than his new book MaRIO DE JANEIRO Testino. If you are doubting me, Taschen has now made the entire book available online. Make sure to flip through it, drool, and pre-order a copy. The pictures are stunning and super sexy.

And btw, if you are coming to Brazil for Christmas or NYE, now you know what to get me as a gift.


I've bought it in Paris 2 weeks ago and it's really a great book.

I've bought it in London. Is it only out in Europe so far? Flicking through it I realized that Gisele actually hasn't aged one bit. The pics of her are when she was 16 I think? Though have to hand it to Isabeli for upstaging her.

The release date for the US is December 1st. I am definitely ordering one.

The best reason to buy this book is the totally naked picture of Fernando Fernandes on page-147.

I loved the pics of Gisele, Isabeli, Felipe, Tony, Joao, and Edgar. Rio is one of the most unique cities in the world.

The picture of Fernando is from German Vogue right?

Yes it is from German Vogue.

I'll have two of each, please. WOW! Men of Colour instead of some thin, Euro-twinks! Will wonders never cease?

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