Fernando Fernandes Rides Again

After temporarily losing movement of his legs due to a serious car crash back in July, I am thrilled to see that model Fernando Fernandes went horseback riding in Brasília over the weekend. Now that he is clearly recovering from the accident, can someone please remember to ask him to take his shirt off before hitting the record button on the camera? And I would also not mind if he were to agree to go horseback riding in a swimsuit next time.


made In Brazil, I hate to give you bad news, but Fernando still doesn't control the movements of his legs. He just learned how to stand sitting upright. Riding a horse is just an exercise to control those muscles better. Notice that he does not move his legs and that the legs are tightly strapped to the saddle.

I had to tell you guys the truth.

Happy to see Fernando "back in the saddle again", so to speak, even though, yes, he obviously doesn't have much control over his legs yet. One step at a time, one step at a time. He'll be fine eventually, I'm sure. He's young and strong, has a positive attitude, and has a great group of supporters here and everywhere.

God bless you, Fernando! I will pray for you and I hope that one day your legs will be completely healed. Remember, you've got a lot of people hoping the best for you.


Sometimes the news isn't what we wish. At the same time, he's on that horse and pray that is another step toward recovery!

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