More Fashion Rocks, An Interview With Miro Moreira, And Dita Von Teese

  • The poster chosen for the movie Do Começo Ao Fim is the one on the right.
  • Isabeli Fontana took her kids Lucas and Zion to the beach in Rio yesterday. So cute.
  • There was a male model completely naked in the pool at the Fasano for the Calvin Klein party last night (big thanks to Alessandra Ambrósio for posting the picture on twitter).
  • interviews Joseph Altuzarra.
  • Passport magazine does Florianópolis.
  • Jesus Luz was spotted with his manager and two brothers last night in Leblon. He spinned in Brasília on Saturday night.
  • Brazilian Gustavo Marzolla shot by Rick Day.
  • Martha Streck's new polaroids.
  • In an interview published today, Miro Moreira denied the gay rumors, complained that two famous designers asked him to take his clothes off during a fitting to try on a swimsuit (and we all know who he is talking about), mentioned that a famous actor tried to kiss him in the bathroom of a nightclub, and said that him and actor Reynaldo Giannechini hardly know each other and have never dated. My least favorite sentence to come out of his mouth "Gosto é de mulher, graças a Deus" (or "Thank God I like women"). Sorry Miro, but that sounded just awful.
  • Dita Von Teese will be performing at The Week in São Paulo this Wednesday night.


I actually have no clue what two designers ur talking about please enlighten me

love the poster and hate miro's unfortunate comment.

"Two designers"

Clue 1 - They're Canadian!
Clue 2 - Based in Milan!
Clue 3 - They're twins!

miro é o pior tipo de gay: o homofóbico

There are two homophobic models in this post: Isabeli e Miro. And the saddest thing is that gay people keep on loving them, saying good things about their jobs, and idolizing them. The best thing to do would be to ignore such people.

Btw, I preferred the poster 2, but this one is cute too.

I think Miro deserves to be forgotten by us gays for a bit. I could bet my right arm he would dearly miss the attention and the $.

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