Help Choose The Official Movie Poster For Do Começo Ao Fim

If you don't speak Portuguese and just watched the entire clip to look at the two cute actors who play brothers and lovers in the much anticipated Brazilian film Do Começo Ao Fim, here is the deal: the movie premieres in Brazil next month, and you can help choose its official poster from one of the two options below.


If you like the first poster (the one on the left), send an email to [email protected]. If you prefer the second option (the one with the gay kiss on the right), send an email to [email protected]. It is not often that I feel as passionate about a national movie as I feel about this one, so please get involved. And in case you want to know, my vote goes for the poster on the right.

If you haven't heard about Do Começo Ao Fim yet, watch the trailer asap, and make sure to also watch the rehearsals footage which leaked online earlier this year. Video after the jump.

For updates about the movie, follow Do Começo Ao Fim on twitter @docomeco.


The actors are very attractive. I hope there are many love scenes in the movie.

Not a good movie to have showing in America any time soon. The Conservatives will use it to deny gays and lesbians the right to marry.

Wow - it looks like an amazing, compelling film - but yes, the American Conservatives will be all over this one. I expect very limited runs in the US because of the subject matter.

oh my LOL ......CORNY

The left poster. ah.... the right is much better! It's not a sweet love story, but a deep passionate relationship that is influenced and separated by several factors. and the cuttings and body insinuations of the second are much more appropriate for this plot. not to count the strong, deep raw balance of the colors, whereas in the first is just too pastel and fantastical. Well. Just to make my point for the second one. lets the most popular one win! and hope its a good movie.

This film looks to be amazing. I can't wait! ...and the poster on the left seems to fit the mind and heart of the story from what I've seen in the trailer.

I just posted a comment, but I meant to vote for the poster on the right. I'd like to delete my previous comment and re-cast my vote for the right poster. thanks

Wait? A gay romance movie that tells the story of two brothers who are romantic lovers? Just because the two siblings who are screwing are the same gender, it doesn't mean it isn't incest. Two siblings screwing is still incest. Seriously. Incest. It isn't "hot." It is disturbing.

Looks like a very beautiful movie, but with such controversial subject matter, it will probably never be shown in the USA, except perhaps, on a very limited basis. I also vote for the poster on the right.

A very beautiful clip. It is amazing that in our society this is considered obscene, yet films depicting man-on-man violence are the norm. When I see WWF and the fighting programs on television, I see the men and boys in the audience excited to the point of orgasm. I often wonder if they are having the same fantasy I have? Are they wishing for the pants to come off, and the kissing and hugging to begin. So sad that our culture would rather see men beat each other bloody, than show love and tenderness.

Does anyone know if there's a way to petition for this movie to be shown in selected places? More specifically, at my university, we are known to have selected screenings before movies go nationwide, so how would I go about that? Thanks, and my vote is for the poster on the left.

I'm sorry to be the one to say this, but what exactly was that trailer trying to say? It's just a couple of gorgeous dudes all over each other. How is that supposed to be a beautiful/amazing/compelling film?

I don't think we need more glorified porn, whatever it's sexuality.

i've been waiting for this movie ever since you put the trailer on the site. finally it's here. well i will have to wait until it comes on dvd and has english subtitles. hate myself for not learning Portuguese. is it too late to learn now??

Just another gay flick playing on classical gay fantasies, or said otherwise, quasi porn film, don't doubt it will be hot, but doubt about its quality

I also share the opinion that the film is a simple cliche, two boys ingaged in passion, no deeper reflexion apart from sweetnes and excitment.

This is an incredibly beautiful and intelligent film. The script is sensitive and insightful. The director captures all the meanings and proves that you cannot stop love.
Read my review:


Does anyone know where I could get a large poster of the second design? the darker one! please tell me that they didn't drop the design and went with the first light one...

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