In Case You Thought There Weren't Hipsters In Rio



Going to Rio anytime soon? Then don't forget to pack some skinny jeans, a plaid shirt, and a sequined or studded item from the 80's along with your flip flops and swimsuits so that you can properly attend the latest party in the city. Buati, produced by Jose Camarano and Marcelo Argento, kicked off its first edition earlier this month at a whorehouse in Rio, and in only two editions has already become one of the most talked about parties of the year. I haven't attended yet, but tons of my friends did, and they all told me it was really fun. The next edition takes place at Erotika in Rio on October 9. Don't miss it if you are in town.

View tons of more pictures of the party after the jump and on facebook.








Chace Crawford, is that you?

All pictures by Cadu Cavalcanti  and Robert Schwenck. More about the next edition of Buati coming next week.


It's such a pitty these folks are useless.
If they did anything useful during the week to be someone on the weekends, it would be much more fun.

I suppose if that is the kind you look for...

@Chevy Chase

yeah, like you'd know better!

i hate this kind of people! they don't have such a great talent and try to call attention producing those parties! Let's work people, makes a diference!

I attended it with the best intentions and felt a bit deceived. Cheesy 90's FM tunes and posing hipsters in their awful Wayfarer glasses thinking they're sooooo cool. The atmosphere was not bad but the party's definitely overrated - as you can tell by the water costing R$8.

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