Brazilian Actor Dado Dolabella Covers John Mayer

Is it just me or are your ears about to burst as well? If my eardrums could somehow produce tears of pain, I would be seriously drenched after watching the video. Not even the fact that he is shirtless makes it better.


Actually, Cutie Dado's singing is tolerable, if not strangely endearing. What is really offensive is that gross-looking woman on the video and the fact that he is singing about her...yuck!!!

After realizing what a douche bag he is while watching the reality show A Fazenda, the sight of him alone annoys me.

Oh Come on (Insert Name of Blog Writer Here)!!! He sounds fine...actually not bad at all. I bet he sounds awesome singing in Portuguese. I would definitely love to hear that. He's not the one Miro got in fights with all the time is he???

I guess you'd have to be Brazilian and have watched the show to not be able to empathize with anything that comes out of his mouth. And yes, he is one of the people Miro got in constant fights with, because he got into fights with basically everyone on the show.

MIB is right...clueless about this A Fazenda. Oh well, ignorance is bliss...

LOL ... At least his english seems to be good!

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