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What a great day for Brazil. I must confess I was a bit skeptical about Rio winning the bid for the 2016 Olympics because of the issues related with crime and violence, but I am beyond thrilled with today's announcement that the city won the bid. It is going to be freaking amazing.

View more pictures of the celebration at the beach in Copacabana at UOL Esportes, Globo Esporte, and BBC. Watch the video of the announcement after the jump.


It's just amazing, it will be so great for Rio and Brazil. I'm an American with a Brazilian husband, am so glad Rio was chosen. It's a giant challenge, but the reward will be tremendous if successful.

as a resident of chicago, i was sorry to hear we did not win. but i am happy for rio and the people of brazil!!! ciudad maravilloso!!!

those tourist will have to watch their back while at the events
there in for a thrill of their

Olympic games Made in Brazil! :)
I hope you'll make good work about security. This is the right moment to do it!

Brazil is improving. This is a clear sign that better things will come.

Larry, your sentiments are mine as well! If I am not too old by 2016, I might try to make another trip to my favorite city in this world of ours!

Congratulations to South America, Brazil, and specifically Rio for finally getting their first Olympic Games ever in 2016. This honor is long, long overdue. But tell me, is the violence and crime in Rio as rampant as the American press has been saying today? Or is that just sour grapes because Chicago didn't win?

I'm so happy for South America & of course my city of birth. It's crazy that 1 European city [London] has hosted them 3 times yet no city in South America or the whole of Africa has yet had a chance. They really are going to have to get on top of security though, they've been given this chance & they really have to put visitors minds at ease & prove they're doing something about it.

I'm sad that Chicago didn't make it, But I'm really Happy for Brazil they couldn't have picked a better place! Brazil is a beautiful place with beautiful people... As far as security I know it's a concern for many people (as is for anything big like this; but Brazil has plenty of time to get themselves together and make this the most memorable in History

A special greeting to the brother people of Brazil.
Congratulations to Brazil and throughout South America and that will be the first Olympics held in the region.
Well, the river is a fun city.
Brazil will organize.
excellent games.

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