Thiago Silvestre Is The 2009 Mr. Gay Brazil


23-year-old Thiago Silvestre, representing the state of Mato Grosso, was crowned the new Mr. Gay Brazil last night in São Paulo. Mr. Gay Ceará Fabiano Gurgel was the runner-up.

Watch a video of the opening number of the Mr. Gay Brazil contest after the jump, and expect more pictures later today.

Now who told the boys they needed to try to walk like Gisele? I love that the contest is growing but I am hoping for less make up, shaved chests, and plucked eyebrows next year.



Bom, sonhar com peitos nao-depilados... nao custa nada. Mas dúvida já que a moda (cafona e desmasculinizante) que impera no meio gay é de achar que peito depilado é bonito pra mostrar os músculos torneados. Saudades do tempo em que depilação era coisa de mulher...

u said it all mr. made in brazil!

Very beautiful guys....just too bad they were so covered-up by those God-awful costumes!

I kept trying to figure out why my gaydar was going haywire while the cute guys sashayed across the stage. Then I remembered this is Mr. Gay Brazil haha. The winner's great looking, but he looks much older than 23 IMO!

That is freaky. In one of the most ethnically diverse societies on the planet they found that many gay men who look almost identical? Considering 60% of Brazilians have some African heritage, that crowd looks like the rich kids in a Sao Paulo mall, not like actual Brazilians. And where did their fur go? It is one of the best parts of a Portuguese heritage!

sigh. tragic. someday we will actually celebrate each other as god made us. Well, you who love shaved show ponies enjoy... I think its icky.

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