The Sexiest Brazilians Of The Year (Not According To Me)



Gossip magazine Istoé Gente is claiming actors Rodrigo Lombardi and Juliana Paes are the sexiest Brazilians of 2009. I am going to have to disagree, especially when the list of the 25 sexiest men includes Made In Brazil regulars Cauã Reymond, Kayky Brito, Jonatas Faro, Malvino Salvador, André Arteche, and (yes, they did it) Jesus Luz.

Click here for the complete list of the 50 sexiest Brazilians of 2009 compiled by Istoé Gente.


Bruno Lombardi won from Malvino, ahan, OK?! I'm blind now.

ok... that list is outrageous! Lombardi is not sexy at all. The ultimate sexy MAN is definitely Malvino.

I'm sure his bare feet are supposed to make the image more of something. The only thing I see is that it would do no harm if they'd not been bare. I'm not Brasillian but I think I've seen men more striking than him.

not a single darker skin man. racist as ever. grow up.

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