The September Issue Of Vogue Brazil


Things I like about it: Ana Claudia Michels' new hair color, the fact that Ana Claudia does not look like this, and the absence of completely unforgivable typos.

Things I dislike about it: the white background yet again, the fact that Ana Claudia's hair has the texture of a broom, the placement of the text, the styling (or lack there of), and the price (R$ 14,90 or approximately US$7,50).

View the editorial with Ana Claudia Michels in t-shirt dresses after the jump. It is as uninspired as the cover.




From top to bottom:
Ana Claudia eats ice cream.
Ana Claudia works a skateboard that was given to her for no apparent reason.
Ana Claudia smokes a cigarette.
Ana Claudia writes "love" on the studio wall.
Ana Claudia drinks Coke from a straw.

Summing it up: a festival of bad editorial clichés. I am sure Ana Claudia would have turned it out in the studio if she weren't given all those stupid props to work with.

Fortunately there is another fashion spread in the magazine shot by Bob Wolfenson which serves up some beautiful pictures.





A little too American Vogue for me, but much better than the cover story. Fyi, the models are Luana Teifke, Rhaisa Batista, and Vanessa Cruz.

Scans by We Love Models.


The cover is not that bad. I really like Ana Claudia, but the hair looks horrible and the editorial is incredibly boring ! Last month's cover was much better, it was quite classy actually.

What does you mean "and the price (R$ 14,90 or approximately US$7,50)."?

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