Speedo Sundays


21-year-old surfer Thiago Nicolau, one of the three boys posted here on Friday.

And in case you are part of Rodrigo Nogueira's fan club, don't worry. I have also posted more of his pictures after the jump.





hot, but i dont see them as models.

Rodrigo is rather a beautiful model! Very pretty sexy!

Rodrigo is rather a beautiful model! Beautiful and sensual

Oh wow!
Look who we got here!

I just love this look upon his face!

These boys are ok but where are the pictures of Renato, the boy in the middle? They all have beautiful bodies but Renato has that little smirk that set him apart from the other two. I want to see more of him!

Thiago is beautiful with that angelic face and body of Adonis, He is definitely the hottest of these four. I'd love to see more of him (ahem!).

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