Back From New York



Model Carlos Freire made a pit stop in Rio to soak up some sun before heading to Milan next week.

New polas courtesy of 40 Graus Models.


he is doubt about it..but he still a little too big...

When Carlos smiles, as in the first picture, he looks so much younger!

Oh yeah, He's waaay HOT!...But the BIGGER the BETTER!!! (Like they say...Go big or go home!)

That smile! Too big? I think not! He has a perfect V figure and fills out clothes very nicely, I think (at least those shoots I've seen where he's, um, a little more dressed). I think Jesus Luz needs to see these pics to understand why it would be better for him to, oh, go back to school, become a better DJ, whatever it takes because he's not model-material and Madonna is known to get bored after a while.

Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmy! This taffy-colored young guy is soooooooooooooo cute!

His smile brightens one's day as well as one's interest!

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