The Mr. Gay Brazil Candidates Get Wet



The 2009 Mr. Gay Brazil candidates hit the pool for a swimming competition yesterday in São Paulo. View more pictures after the jump and at MixBrasil.

The Mr. Gay Brazil finals take place tonight. Mr. Gay Brasília is already one of the finalists.




Come on, this "contest" was created just as an excuse to show the models in speedos. :)

It seems that the Mr. Gay Brasil is going to become a tradition. I do love the way MixBrasil is working to make gay events something usual and into the mainstream. If we want to make people change their minds, they must get used to seeing gay-related events and media frequently. And in a favorable light.

I couldn't have said it any better myself, Lucius!

Most of them are f*ckin' scary!

Al morenito le doy el premio. Que dulce el choco!

Agreed, leo. They're... ugly?

I don't agree about them being ugly. No one is ugly. This is what is wrong with the gay community. We see everyone in 2 categories, "Hot," or "Ugly." This is what contributes to poor mental health in our community. I was called the best looking guy in San Diego when I was young, but I was the last one to know it. This is because people were jealous, and they wouldn't talk to me. I thought I was the scum of the Earth. This is so sad that everything in the gay world is about looks. I am a honor student with a 4.0 grade point average at my college. I think intelligence is hot also. We need other ways of looking at ourselves, or we are doomed to stay a superficial and sad community that no one admires.

I don't agree that they are ugly either. What did you expect, 12 international models competing? These guys are the "guy next door" type. They are in great shape and have good looks. I would take most of them to bed if I could. Maybe not all of them at the same time, but 1 or 2 at the most.

And so would you.

Seriously? Ugly? Is there something wrong with your screen? These men are beautiful, each in his own way. Some may not be "magazine-cover-ready" but with all the photoshop techniques being used now, most cover models are not "cover ready." I also agree with Scott; perhaps a Q&A along with their pics to reveal the beauty of their souls and their minds. That's what lasts long after the looks begin to fade.

These guys are very handsome, no doubt... Thanks.

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