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Loving the pictures of 28-year-old Rafael Leite by Cristiano Madureira featured in this month's The Boy, especially the ones in white boxers which I posted after the jump.




I have uploaded the members-only pictures from Rafael's spread for The Boy in a photo album for those of you who do not reside in Brazil, and have no access to all the galleries. The photo album will be up for a limited time only.

PHOTO ALBUM: Rafael Leite for The Boy (NSFW)


I love when they put a mirror strategically placed behind the model, so that we can see the best of both worlds: the front side (bulge) and the backside (butt). lol

Thanks MIB for posting the entire photo album. You're the man!

Lucius, such "hot" words that one can be applied to enhance the photos of a fresh, handsome Brasilian man/model! Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy!

The fotos at The Boy of Rafael are remarkable and sexy. But the one of Rafael on the beach, jumping with his arms spread wide, is world-class artistry! Amazing!

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