From The 2009 Mr. Gay Brazil Contest


I did not attend the Mr. Gay Brazil contest on Monday night, but fortunately my friends at ParouTudo did and were kind enough to send me pictures to post on MIB. View more after the jump.







I would like to say that in spite of the fact that I wish none of the candidates would have shaved their chests or worn excessive make up on stage, I really admire all of them for competing this year, and for having the balls to put on those white jumpsuits with a rainbow colored trim.

All pictures and video courtesy of ParouTudo.

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That bare-chested contestant in the first photo after the jump must be from the future. He is wearing his sideburns styled in 23rd century STAR TREK fashion!

I hope I am not being unkind but, other than the Black model, this has to be the largest collection of troll-ish, unattractive men I've ever seen for a Mr. Gay type of contest.

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