Marlon Teixeira Paints Shakira's Nails In Vanity Fair



Outtakes from the A She-Wolf in Paris spread with Shakira and Brazilian models Marlon Teixeira, Arthur Sales, and Jean Carlos, are already online at Vanity Fair. Blame the tackiness on Michael Roberts.


Who do we blame the floating head photoshop disaster on?

I'd like Marlon to paint my nails :D

Só falta ELA sair dessa sessão de fotos com um namorado/modelo/brasileiro que nem a Madonna!! hahaha

Beatiful, beatiful. Shakira is always beatiful and talent.

I do not like Shakira (her voice...well sucks) And I HATE the fact that she dies her hair blonde! She looks ridiculous! She is not white, nor will she ever be. She is half middle eastern for God's sakes. She would be better with dark hair, the way God intended it! Her hair kind of looks like a wig too!

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