New Travel Channel Series Heads to Rocinha

The Travel Channel is launching a new show next Monday, September 21, called Madventures, and the premiere episode was taped in Brazil. In it, the show's hosts Riku and Tunna hit Rocinha in Rio, and get up close and personal with gang members. Here is a sneak peek at the episode.

It looks so crazy that I am curious to watch more. Apparently after their favela experience, the two of them head to the rainforest to take part in an ancient tribal ceremony. Going to try to catch it on slingbox.


I think it is not OK to turn a very serious social problem into entertainment. These guys are playing with drug dealers as if they were part of a reality show. But no. This is reality, a sad reality.

This show should've been banned.

The reason why this show exists is to bring this to the social conciousness. For example people in Europe have very little or no knowledge of what goes on in Brazil. If you think the show is about playing around you are wrong. They are very serious but and for example talk about extermination camps in Cambodia, which are unknown to many people.

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