Jean Carlos Gets Naked To Celebrate The Opening Of The DSquared2 Online Shop

Warning: you can actually see Jean Carlos' goods, so I would say the video is probably NSFW.


I can't see it yet because I am at work. But I've always wanted to see the goods of this brazilian beauty.

"Party? What(kind of) party? I am NAKED!"

I loved this ad.

He is the hottest brazillian model, but is it real and where is it airing? Love it.

Oh no! I really like the clothes of Dsquared, but this ad is awful. I can't believe it, it's so cheap and gay. Dissapointed by the small size dick of model :(

The action happens so fast that you have to pause the video at just the right instant to actually see Jean's "goods". Surprised this made it onto YouTube since they usually reject frontal nudity.


I applaud this ad and the model; he's luscious looking!

This is better than a cup of coffee! Too bad there's no slo-mo. Jean Carlos is my heart-throb right now. He is so beautiful. As only a Brasilian can be.

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