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The new issue of ffw MAG!, my favorite fashion publication in the country, is out, and it comes in a bundle with three magazines: one featuring the spring 2010 collections, one about denim, and one about freedom. For the latter, Fábio Bartlet photographed top Brazilian models, editors, fashionistas, and even Jesus Luz, in their own personal style. View more scans of the story after the jump.




I will make sure to scan some more pictures and the cover over the weekend since those scans don't really do justice to the images. If you are in Brazil, make sure to pick up a copy of the magazine asap.


I don;t know why, but i ABSOLUTELY love the story. It's simple and refreshing. Stylist everywhere should take a close look into it. I'm tired of the editorials with fetish stuff or "futuristic" ensembles. I love the casual, spontaneous, yet thought-out looks that they went for!!

Pretty much every fashion magazine in the Universe do "personal style" editorials ...

Is this one real? Each time I've seen a picture of Jesus he's been in a t-shirt & black jeans! I see Isabeli often & she doesn't dress like that ... Raquel & Trentini generally dress well probably due to being in Europe/NYC most of the time ... As for the rest ... Well, lets just say each time I go to Brazil & see what people are wearing I roll my eyes ... The only well dressed Brazilian I know is my Mother & thats probably only because she's lived in Europe for the past 35 years!

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