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Over the past couple of weeks, pictures of the three boys above were delivered to my mailbox along with a paragraph describing their modeling experience so far. The boys are Thiago Nicolau, Renato Freitas, and Rodrigo Nogueira, and you can judge their modeling work for yourselves after the jump.




Which one of them do you want to see more of? Because I received over twenty pictures of two of them, and it would be a shame to let such fun material go to waste.


Renato Freitas, of course~

1 & 3 are pretty average looking, they don't look any different to the guys you see on Ipanema ... The middle one has a lot of potential, he should head to Milan pronto!

Renato Freitas please!!!
the one on the couch.

he is absolutely adorable, sexy and cute.

Renato Freitas please :D share his story with us!

Rodrigo Nogueira, the Ipanema'looking guy. Renato Freitas looks appears to have more model potential.

Number three! Rodrigo, please!! Number two looks airbrushed.

Of course rodrigo nogueira, a real macho man!

I've found Renato a little bit to sissy to my taste, but he's definitely hot. I'd rather though see more pictures of Rodrigo Nogueira.

the beach boys please! both them, thiago and rodrigo!

i loved thiago nicolau! he has the youth and the sunburnt!

I want Rodrigo Nogueira, he seems to be a tough guy, has a great body and tattoo.

Renato freitas? Oh no, please! And with the teddy bear besides him? I want the beach boys, of course.

Gostei desse RENATO FREITAS. tem mais fotos dele ?

Of course the young and beautiful thiago! I loved his tattoo anda the white swuimsuit!

Oh god! what a man! rodrigo is the best! i want to know what beach he goes!

i prefer rodrigo! he looks like a real surfer, seems to be tall and has a strong face.

i love surnburnt boys! i love surfers! i love the sea, the beach! Show me more rodrigo and thiago please!

Thiago Nicolau. Quero ver todas as fotos dele

Thiago Nicolau . Beautifull

Thiago Nicolau

Thiago Nicholas, a beautiful face

Thiago Nicolau has fututo like to see your book

Thiago Nicolau would like to see your photos

number one

Thiago !!!! Thiago !!!! Thiago !!!

rodrigo! rodrigo! rodrigo! we want more rodrigo!

knock out me, rodrigo! this guy must have the "the right thing"!

both boys in the beach are great! give us a little more of them!

I choose the one in the middle, the one called Freitas. he is hotter.

Renato freitas definitely!


Let's go with another Renato!

Thiago Nicolau caught my eye the quickest.

The one with the hotter pictures, Renato Freitas.

More Renato e Rodrigo, PLEASE!!!

i vote for Thiago Nicolau

Thiago Nicolau

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