DJ Jesus Luz Is Touring The Country Next Month


Jesus Luz is taking his new career seriously: after presenting an award at MTV's Video Music Brasil on October 1, the model turned DJ will be kicking of his first Brazilian tour on October 10 at Ceará Music Festival in Fortaleza. Jesus is also scheduled to spin in Salvador on the 17, in Indaiatuba on the 23, and in Brasília and Goiânia on the 24. A night in Chile is also in negotiation but hasn't been confirmed yet.

Picture blatantly stolen from Jesus' twitter.

(Source: Quem)


he's good

I totally agree, Bob. Probably he's better off spinning Itunes since he's not getting any work modeling without the help of you know who.

his 15 min will be up soon what a joke!!!! what can an old lady have in common with young guy? joke joke joke im sure he realy want to sleep with steven klein in reality

Guy Ritchie must be laughing so hard right now.....

Why all the nasty comments against Jesus? Hey, I hope the guy succeeds! His and Ms. M's relationship is THEIR business.

Give him a chance and listen to his set before saying anything.

I thought it was going to be boring by the first 5 minutes, but then it really picked up!! I almost killed myself at the gym, because i got so pumped up by the music. It doesn't have that "gay" overused and abused beat and never went down. It was progressive; there was drama; it was FUN!!

djing is a hard job, you have to be sane and strong. You have to feel the
now sphere.
A great dj needs a global understanding.

And sorry no one gives you a job unless you can make the crowed dance.
After listening to it,a bit experimental underground and known traxs, mixed into a big drive ... Luiz has that global feel. He knows it is a tough world, on the long run that has noting to do with his actual live.

ps: music and mixing are a question of taste....

At first I was extremely skeptical(Can anyone blame me?). And on first listen I was like, "NO!" but then I went back to his set, and listened again, this time with more of an open mind. To tell you the truth, I am digging his set. It is quite good.

DJing is an extremely hard. If anyone here, can do better than him, let's hear it. I have to give the man "two thumbs up" for going after what he truly wanted to do.

And about his "Mrs", umm wouldn't you all, take it? Take what she has given him? I mean come on, some of the comments I see are laughable, but geeze, who is kidding who here? I would do it, and I am a female.

Give this young man some slack. Give him a chance. His set isn't horrendous by any means. In time and dedication, he can become a decent/if not pretty damn good DJ.

But for him to become a great DJ, my advice is to get away from, "you know who".

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