1.5 Million People Celebrate Brazilian Day In New York


1.5 million people attended the 25th Annual Brazilian Day in New York yesterday on Sixth Avenue. The Brazilian street festival also took place in Tokyo for the third consecutive year, bringing 25,000 people to Yoyogi Park. Watch it after the jump.

(Source: G1)


Yesterday, September 7 was the first Brazil Day in Toronto, with the New York celebration travelling here for the first time. Superstars Carlinhos Brown and Elba Ramalho performed before a HUGE outdoor audience at the heart of our city, Yonge Dundas Square!

Hmmm. I don't know about 1.5 million but I'll tell you, there were ALOT and they were 100% into the fun and Brasil and the whole spirit! IT WAS GREAT! Unlike that now execrable mess that takes place on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, the annual Caribbean Day Parade, which has become thug city, gang city, ladron city and homophobe city. As are as the CDP is concerned, NEVER NEVER NEVER AGAIN! It was disgusting!

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