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I am bombarded on a daily basis with pictures of Brazilian boys who want to take a shot at modeling, but in most cases their pictures are too cheap looking even for my standards. However, amongst all the scary editorial work delivered to my mailbox recently, I came across three boys who happen to be pretty cute and who certainly deserve a little exposure here. View enlarged pictures of the three of them after the jump.




Trust me, not all the pictures I get look like those. From top to bottom: Augusto Santos, Douglas Peixoto, and Daniel Navarini.

PS- I miss the time when readers used to send me their pictures to post on Speedo Sundays (yes, that was a hint).


Daniel Navarini is stunning! he should have no problem finding model work.

That is cute and nice of you, lol. It is amazing the amount of Brazilian boys who are 100% sure they came to this world to be supermodels, regardless of any feedback :)

All three of these guys are pretty hot! Particularly, Daniel. What beautiful eyes he has! Would be great to see a photo of him in color. Hopefully, he will send you one.

I like beef so the first picture is my favorite. But, the third pic of Navarini is the winner here. He's got the look, the style and he mesmerizes you with his eyes. All good models have that: they make you feel like they are looking at YOU.

Dear, can't you create a tag on this blog for these men?

Tell to Mr Navarini to use photoshop moderately.

I loved the 2nd boy the 3rd looks way too photoshopped.

I love these three "mens"-- but the one whom I'd love to meet is the guy on the left side!

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