Viva Brazil: Download Love House 4 By DJ Felipe Lira


My friend DJ Felipe Lira will be spinning at Fly Club in Toronto again this weekend, and to celebrate it he put together a brand new podcast for his fans, which is available for download first today at Made In Brazil.

DOWNLOAD: Love House 4 By DJ Felipe Lira

Felipe has also told me that he will be making two other podcasts available next week as part of a winter music pack (winter in Brazil that is).

View an enlarged version of the flyer and the complete track list after the jump.

1. Mariah Carey– Obsessed (Cahill Club Mix)
2. Ciara– Like A Surgeon (Abe Clements)
3. Lady Gaga– Paparazzi (Moto Blanco Club Mix)
4. Solange Knowles– Would’ve Been The One (Groove Police)
5. Keri Hilson– Return The Favor (Bit Error Mix)
6. C & C Music Factory– Everybody Dance Now
7. Felipe Guerra Feat. Lorena Simpson– Can't Stop Loving You
8. Black Eyed Peas– I Got A Feeling (diinch Mix)
9. John Legend– Heartbreaker (Wawa Club Mix)
10. Pussycat Dolls– Hush Hush (Bimbo Jones Mix)
11. Got To Be Real (Soulshaker Club mix)
>12. Beyoncé– Diva (Maurice Joshua Mix)
13. Steve Mac & Steve Smith– Lovin’ You More (Esquire Mix)



He has a very nice body.

that selection is related to "viva brazil" and "latin fever" somehow??

Do gay Brazilian DJ's ever play Brazilian music?

Yawn... Reading/listening to this play list i guess, this DJ does not. Brazil has one of richest musical traditions on the planet, and seems like young gay Brazilians - "Barbies", i.e. Circuit boys, ignore it. It's a shame that Brazilian DJs are enamored by the bland, over produce pablum that is American pop/dance music today - which totally sucks!

Riddle me this... Why are DJ's (not just in Brazil but world wide) in street vernacular objectified as "artist" or being "artistic"? It's akin to a well dressed person being being described as a "designer" - they had nothing to do with the creation of said outfit, they just happen just to put it together well. That's what i think of DJs, they can pull it together; hardly anything to brag about.

Oh and before i get off my high horse, although this blog is called "Made in Brazil", nothing on that play list is "Made in Brazil"!!! Ironic isn't it?

If that is truly Felipe's picture and body, he should get into modeling! He has a great upper body!

I agree with Scrufff....... "Viva Brasil" without amazing Brazilian music is simple european pop/dance set, no more.

"Viva Brazil" is not the name of the set, it is the name of the party with Felipe Lira this Saturday at Fly Club in Toronto.

Felipe made the set available for download first at MIB to celebrate his international gig in Canada this weekend, which I know is a big deal to him. Knowing him since the beginning of his career, I am happy that he is expanding his fan base and being invited to play outside of Brazil.

probably everybody is happy felipe is doing fine carreerwise. many enjoy the set he made available for download. the set is probably pretty good as weel.

however, if i went to "viva brasil - latin fever" party, i'd wonder "what the heck" hearing the music on the set. not quite what i'd expect for my $20.

ditto what scruff & several others have said. where is the brazilian music?

where's the gui boratto
where's the rosalia do souza
where's the toco

with all the richness of brazilian music available, you guys gotta keep bringing on the same old tired katie perry, beyonce, lady gaga & pussycat dolls-stuff that anyone can hear anywhere.

so much for "brazilianizing the world," huh?

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