The Next Brazilian Idol May Be A Transexual

I wasn't even going to watch the new season of Ídolos, the Brazilian franchise of American Idol, but now I have a very good reason to: 20-year-old transexual Lívia Mendonça, who got through the first round of auditions this week. I am already rooting for her.


It's actually a franchise of 'Pop Idol' ... All the 'Idols' throughout the world are a franchise of the original British 'Pop Idol' from 2001 & the rights are all owned by Simon Fuller.

Amazing. Também fiquei arrepiado...

Her voice is like very similar to Maria Betania's and she is from my hometown: Fortaleza. Go LIVIA!!!!!

She's awesome! You go girl! (or should we say boy?)

you should say girl because that's what she goes for. she introduced herself as a girl so thats the way we should treat her.

what is the name of the host of Ídolos? he is yummy (:

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