This Is Just What Happens When Steven Klein Or Tom Munro Are Not In Charge



Just when I was starting to warm up to the idea of Jesus as a top male model, I was bombarded with his pictures for the spring 2010 ad campaign for Argentine label Ona Saez. View more pictures after the jump.




Who is to blame here?

(a) the model.
(b) the photographer.
(c) whoever designed that Jesus Te Ama t-shirt.
(d) whoever though an I (heart) Jesus mug would be the perfect prop.
(e) all of the above.


I'm gonna go with A & B. And I'm also gonna go out on a limb and say although I love her, Madonna has some fault in this too. Out of all those models she did that shoot with last year, she decided to have a thing with this one which gives him instant fame and an instant career even though he's terrible. I just don't get it!

I choose (f) whoever decided to hire him

I pick (b),He is a not a bad looking kid,but he is not,Sean O'pry,Garret Neff...Evandro! But if the brands and the photographers keep booking him what can he do? refuse? He is just along for the ride,Madonna eventually is going to get bored of him,We all know,he knows that...So he is going to take every oportunity,campaings,becoming a "dj" whatever...He is so lame is a gold digger
But the brand and the photographer are lamer cause they are using him only because he is on his 15 minutes of fame and using things like evidence (b) and (c) Is like the tackiest thing ever!!!...Is like using Paris Hilton for a campaing with t-shirt and mug with the legend"That's hot" (remember when Paris Hilton was hot?)

e) all of the above

He's awful, look at those pictures. Please, go away.

He knows the gays love Madoona, and they are rampant in the industry, so they book Jesus just to feel closer to Madonna.

he is truly dreadfully average. not a bad looking guy at all, but there's nothing about his look that can carry a photo, let alone a campaign

Yes, it is ridiculous and laughable.

It is kind of cruel to pick a mediocre model boy and turn him into instant celebrity. Imagine how he will suffer when it is gone. He might go crazy. Hopefully Jesus will make enough money during these 15 minutes of fame, so he will have many years of comfort. Let's hope he will spend it wisely.



of course.

Yeah the photos are terrible, but hey, he seems a nice enough guy, he's good looking maybe not perfect. Really I feel sorry for all those so afflicted by jealousy!

its called advertising thats how a models makes his money not on editorial

I honestly want to see him do well, but those pictures are just not some of his best work to date.

I say the photo with his back turned to the camera is the best. who agrees???

Of all of the negative comments about Jesus that I've read here during these past months, I still love the guy!
Those pouty lips and very bright eyes get me every time! -:)

é piada??????

Just about every model, and countless others, has had several "oops" moments. It's a combination of several things that just don't work. Hey, in the end, everyone got paid.

What a guy... Madonna makes a right choice :)

I say why are you guys being negative, just because madonna's helping him with his fame, doesn't mean he's not eligible to get it on his own. i think he's absolutely delicious. i would pay a fortune for him

niumi niumi nice body I love it.

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