Jesus In The House!


Jesus Luz put his DJ skills to the test on Saturday night at nightclub Pacha in Búzios. Now I am not sure if this is a rumor or not, but apparently Jesus is not charging clubs to play. According to Brazilian media, his only request is a business class ticket and accommodations.

Fyi, Jesus' next DJ gig in the country is supposed to be this coming Friday at Royal in São Paulo.

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I wonder if he is a good DJ? If he is not charging the clubs to play, he might as well "leak" some sets on the internet so we can all check out his work... C'mon Jesus, didn't Madonna teach a thing or two about self-promotion? ;)
PS: This is probably the best picture I've ever seen of him.

You can get a glimpse of Madonna's last concert tour when she performed in Buenos Aires. You can find this at I wish I'd been there and was fortunate to have met her and Jesus afterwards which would have been similar when I saw my niece and husband after performing with Gloria Esteban during her "last" tour a few years back!

He looks gay here-wait he is. Shout out to his photographer boyfriend ;)

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