Hilary Rhoda And Doutzen Kroes Get A Taste Of Rio



Hilary Rhoda and Doutzen Kroes posed with Brazilian models Dieter and Bernardo Braga for the new C&A ad campaign shot in Rio de Janeiro. View more pictures of the campaign, which also features Gracie Carvalho, after the jump.




To watch the commercial with the three girls, click here.


These are not ugly or awful, but they are so lame. Why would C&A spend loads of money getting three amazing, beautiful models if they were going to cheap out on everything else? It would've been so easy for this campaign to be amazing, and yet...

I couldn't agree more. The pictures do look cheap. Plus it is not like Doutzen and Hilary will appeal to C&A customers in Brazil more than Alessandra Ambrosio, Carol Trentini, and Emanuela de Paula did last season.

All the money for the models's import rate could've gone to a proper beautiful set or location, which would've been so hard in Rio, right? Also, the first picture drives me crazy. i know from the campaign video that they shot pictures under the Arches, so why make this stupid collage? I would've loved to see Gracie with Nathalie Edenburg and Cintia Dicker. I also don't like the male models, and i hate that it's so obvious the lack of investment on the men's side, cause they didnt even bother to make the boys look good in the ads.

It seems the whole budget went on Doutzen & they couldn't get big named guys to star alongside them ... Couldn't they have paid a few thousand to get Evandro, Andre etc..

Anyway, when the clothes look that cheap & tacky the background/set is irrelevant.

I love the campaign ...Love Doutzen and Hillary - Money well spent - I disagree with some of the above - we are tired already of seeing the same BORING brazilian models ...C'mon - I am so glad a brazilian model hasn't made to the top in so long ...the last ones were Raquel , Isabelli and Trentini ...The new generation stay around internationally for one or two season , maximum three ...
Brazilian girls have everything to be great except the fact that they are the ones always complaining about everything and change agencies , representation , like they change clothes in a fashion show ..
just show the dollar sign !!!

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