Bernardo And Renato Hit The Boxing Ring For Junior


I had already posted a few pictures from the boxing spread featured in the latest Junior, but now that the magazine is already on newsstands, the editors were kind enough to send Made In Brazil more pictures from the editorial, including some exclusive (and extremely sexy) images which did not make it to the magazine.

View more pictures of the spread with Bernardo Velasco and Renato Ferreira after the jump.






All pictures by Robert Schwenck courtesy of Junior magazine.

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Congrats to MIB for bringing the site to new levels of fantastic with this spread. The first shot is as steamy as it gets.

I can't wait for Renato to tweet about these.


Why don't they just kiss already?

OMG, too hot! This is probably the best spread I've ever seen from Junior Mag. It's nice to see their evolution... The boys are both looking great, specially Renato - com ares de next Edilson. I see a lot of potential there and I love it :)

This "fighting" homoerotic spread reminds me of the final scene in the movie Bruno. People like to see two men fighting, but they pretend not to see the homoeroticism that is inherent to fighting (something that the greeks knew so well).

It is absurd that people like to see a fight but don't like to see a kiss. Is violence better than love?

that's not only the best spread of jr, it's the best 2 guy spread i've seen. revealing just the right amount, leaving just enough for imagination. could not be better.

Happy to see more pictures of Bernardo and Renato getting physical with eachother. They almost look like brothers!

sooo homoerotic! luv it


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