Miro Moreira Addresses The Gay Rumors

Eliminated from the reality series A Fazenda this past Sunday, model Miro Moreira addressed the gay rumors which have been circling around the web in a live interview by saying "Regarding my sexuality, I can do whatever I please. Me being gay or not is nobody's business. As for me being gay... I am not, but I have no problem with anyone who is gay."

Dear Miro, I have no problem with you either. As a matter of fact, I already miss all the additional content  you were providing me with thanks to your showers and dye jobs broadcast live on national television. Fortunately though, someone was kind enough to put together a video with some of your best moments on the farm.

And to think we could have had another week or two of that if he hadn't been sent home.

Btw, rumor has it that gay porn magazine G is trying to get Miro to pose naked, but I seriously doubt that he will agree to do it.


I dream of a day in which artists, models and politicians will not need to say they are not gay.

Yes I need me too that day.He could've let the answer open,is more fascinating.
And G magazine nude photoshoot,could be a false step in his career as a fashion model?

"I dream of a day in which artists, models and politicians will not need to say they are not gay"

And I'm sure they dream of a day when the general public will respect their words. Other than internet rumors do you have any proof Miro is gay? ... Ex-lover testimony? Pictures? Is it all that important that you claim him as one of your own? Been here a millions times before ... Hugh Jackman, Hayden Christensen, Jake Gyllenhaal, Wentworth Miller etc etc... It gets boring.

I mean, even if they were NOT gay, they wouldn't have to declare it. I dream of a day in which sexuality will not be an issue anymore. People will not be scared to be thought as gay. It will be like telling: "he likes cucumber but not oysters". A trivial thing, like an appetite for a food. Nothing much. Like it was, 2500 years ago.

Andrea, i know im not famous but, i dont have any pic that proof im gay. And im positive that any famous personality who cares about his reputation does has it either. Does the fact of doesnt exist any pic of me kissing another guy make me straight? No. Does every single gay (famous or not) have to have pictures to proof their sexuality to others? No. Does bi-curious have to have pics kissing both genders to proof of thy sexuality? No. The point is that isnt pictures, supposed ex-crazy-lovers/affairs or whatever u thing that make someone gay, str8, bi-curious, tranvestite, drag queen, crossdresser, etc.

Sexuality is deeper then it seems on pics. Fortunately, im able to see who is gay and who is str8, for beggin with.

Of course, most readers of Made in Brazil probably hope that Miro is gay, as I do. But if he is not, that is OK, because his beauty remains unchanged, regardless of his sexual orientation. Lucius is right, it should not be an issue at all. Paraphrasing a biblical passage: "Judge not, lest you be judged. For the measure you apply to others will be applied to you."

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