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Someone get me a cage right now. I love love love Shakira's dance moves in the video for She Wolf. I just don't understand why she had to ruin her sexy new look with that little number and hairdo in the end.


Really? I couldn't believe the (not so good) dance number at the end.
But the video is GREAT and she looks AMAZING, great body she has these days

Even the subtle moves in the cage are amazing; legs, shoulders, etc.

And I'll also be replacing my living room furniture with one big gold upholstered cage. Wait.... sorry, bedroom.

But the rooftop shindig at the end was a bit too "J-Lo does 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody.'"

haha I just watched it on her website and I ran right over here to make sure you had it cuz I knew you were DYING to see it. And I completely agree about that last dance number. I could have done without it. But all in all the video is amazing!!!!. My friends grandmom said "Shakira se Convirtio en una Puta!"...she couldn't be more right haha

Lol. Thanks. I am completely obsessed with it.

i think they put the last dance there not to shock ALL the fans and showing that shakira still is the bubbly barefoot happy artist... even though i love the video, i hope people dont see her just as a sex bomb and all that, cause shes not just it.... she so engaged in politics and helping people just like bono vox

this video is so gonna be the next big thing. its curious that there is a resemblance to michael jacksons thriller, even though it was shot BEFORE he died.

my bad, the video was shot on july 9th, but the single's concept was there before michael's death...

Well I am a bit tired of singers that seems lap dancers,this is cheap.We know you love your ass Shakira,but the video it's kinda lame.

LO-VE IT! auuuuu

thought ud might care to see this!

MB usually I agree with you and I think you got a great taste for lot of things but this time I have to disagree.
Shakira is taking the path that many others did and there is nothing to set her work apart from many of the "bitches" that are out there. Video concept is lame.
I watched the making off last night and a ruby mine made with red glitter is far too cheap...Swarovski crystals would've done the trick on top of that outfits, hair, coreography, body language is far too vulgar. Xeroz of Beyonce. I have to agree with Stephen's friend gradmom. I can't stand the pop scene these days.

I love her voice and stage presence but she is letting her work to be dominated by numbers.


IDK...I love her when she is more of a subtle sexy, but I really enjoyed this video because it shows a side of her that is rarely seen...yet it still has that shakira magic that is ever present in her work. Anyway, the song is just exactly about that, her alter ego "she wolf" that is rarely seen. I just think she is extremely sexy, and it is refreshing to see a beautiful colombian woman do something daring and sexy without looking like a hood rat. Shout out to all of my beloved Colombians!!! Rise up and show these Brazilians that they are not the only fierce amazonian supermodels in Latin-America!!! Common! Show your true colors!!!

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