Stalking Duda Nagle


At the beach in Ipanema yesterday. View more pictures after the jump.




(Source: AgNews)


He's classically cute. That top photo with the beach, the speedos, the tan, the Brazilian-flag-colored soccer ball...just epitomizes the whole Brazilian hottie ideal. Very nice!

It's just me or Is he getting thinner?


How cute :)

I couldn't have said it any better, David!

You post alot of hot guys here on this site, hot guys, sexy guys, fantasy guys, but nobody, absolutely NOBODY is as cute as Duda Nagel!
I just want to pick him up and carry him around, squeeze and tickle him, make him giggle. He is the total pocket-hottie.
Thanks - more please.
EDUARDO - after looking at the pictures I have of him, I think his legs are just getting more muscular.

I guess being an American the word stalking means something different to me? I had a stalker for two and a half years which lead to me having to give up a home I loved and other things even after the police were called in. Every time I sew the stalking ---- it gives me chills.

correction---Every time I see the phrase "stalking --- it gives me chills.

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